Departmental Honors

Departmental Honors are much more than a way to build a resume. It forces students to challenge themselves particularly with regard to conducting research.

Students earning a B.S. in engineering physics may graduate with Departmental Honors by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Achieve a minimum 3.50 Major GPA by the end of the candidate's final undergraduate semester.

    The Major GPA is not the same as the KU Major Jr/Sr GPA seen on the DPR, as that GPA includes all KU coursework in the major at the 300+ level or above. The Major GPA required for engineering physics departmental honors includes both KU and transfer work in the major as well as upper and lower-level courses. Once student’s departmental honors intent form is received, we will calculate the Major GPA to confirm student is on track to meet the 3.50 requirement by the end of the graduating semester. If not on-track, we will send student email notification.

  • Complete at least 1 credit hour of undergraduate research as represented by achievement of a grade of B or better in EPHX 501 or EPHX 503.

  • Present student research results.

    (option 1) a written research summary, read by 3 faculty members in physics and astronomy or related fields or authorship on a peer-reviewed manuscript; or

    (option 2) a research-based oral presentation at an appropriate venue (e.g., Undergraduate Research symposium, a presentation in an advanced department seminar class, a discipline specific meeting); or

    (option 3) a presentation of a poster at an appropriate venue. 

Students must file an Engineering Physics Departmental Honors Intent Form, preferably during their junior year but no later than enrollment for the final undergraduate semester. For more information, please email physics-honors